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. Birth of Data : August 8th,1942

. Born and raised in Tokyo

. Career

Prof. Mutsuto Kawahara is at department of civil engineering in Chuo University now. He has been playing an active part in many fields. His distinguished achievements with Finite Element Method contributed to progress in computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics and so on.

He is one of pioneers in the field of computational engineering and science, especially FEM. Years ago, it is considered that computer can't make analyses in engineering and science field. People believed that only experiments with a model could prove theory.

However, Prof. Kawahara and his friends faced such difficulties and provided good competition for each other. High technology and advance of computer help the establishment of computational engineering and science. Finally they let people know the significance and necessity of FEM as the tool for computation.

He says to student 'what we do is not analysis but synthesis'.
So, the life is FEM for prof. Kawahara.